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Sorry I did not post sooner, I am the one who had the camry that had the windshield problem with the gap. I want to thank your shop for your help and replacing my windshield. I will never let those other people touch any of my vehicles EVER. Thank You, ps your faqs are great, wish I had read them before.

Do you come to me to replace my windshield
NO we do not, read our FAQ's, if you are not concerned with quality or safety, check  with some of the other shops, there are plenty of "Lick'em and Stick'em" shops out there that may meet your requirements.

Being a single mother and trying to make every penny count,  I was really surprised at your quote to fix my window after the other ones I had gotten. I came in and you looked at it and told me what the problem was and what it would cost to fix. When you gave me the price, really I was worried about the fix, others told me I would need to replace the window or motor, you actually showed me the problem and explained it to me. Everything now works perfect and I certainly appreciate your honesty.

One of the most asked questions we get is: What is the diffence between glass, and why don't you use after market windshields?? Hope this answer helps.


Considering aftermarket auto glass?? 
ALL aftermarket windshields DO NOT have the same exact specifications as OEM glass!!  WHY??  The reasons are very simple, aftermarket glass is noticeably thinner and differs in both length and width, aftermarket manufacturers CAN NOT produce the exact specs and safety standards as an OEM manufacturer due to production copyrights.  SAFELITE is a producer of automotive windshields that fall into this aftermarket category, they DO NOT have contracts with any of the automotive manufacturers and CAN NOT produce glass with the required exacting specifications required by the auto manufacturers due to the copyrights. Rental or Lease vehicles WILL NOT accept aftermarket replacements on a "Turn in", Auto Dealerships WILL NOT accept aftermarket replacements for their used, or customer replacements, although independant car lots will sometimes use aftermarket glass on their used units, this is only to cut costs of replacement, saving THEM money and ignoring the purchasers safety.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and DEALERSHIP GLASS

All OEM Glass is manufactured with the same exact specifications, including safety standards as required by your favorite vehicle manufacturer, IE: Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, etc.  These of course are manufactured and produced by two companies, PGW and PILKINGTON and is the same exact glass as used by your manufacturers vehicle dealer.


ALL glass purchased from your vehicle manufacturers dealership may have the vehicle manufacturers logo placed on  it (whereas the OEM does not) but this is still the same exact produced replacement as OEM glass.

I had my glass replaced over the Thanksgiving holiday and they came out to do it at my home, on Saturday I noticed that my windshield had a large gap at the top and I could see light from the inside, whats up with that? It's a 2010 camry. I called them but they can't get back till mid week, can you look at it.
We deleted your phone number, returned your call and had you in Monday. We explained to you that the installer had used a product called butyl, which is illegal to use on any vehicle that uses airbag deployment systems, since your vehicle was done under insurance we advised you to contact the insurance company of this and have the installation redone by a reputable shop.

Do you match other companies prices?
Our pricing is based upon our selection of high quality replacement products for your vehicle, these products are produced under exacting OEM specifications to insure safety, proper fit and visual clarity.

Our shop has noticed a decline of usage of OEM quality replacement glass by other shops simply because imported glass can be purchased at a lesser cost allowing for more profit at your expense, we have also noticed a decline in workmanship based upon these prices especially with the "we come to you companies"..

 We feel that our costs are in line with the shops that still believe in quality, service and superior workmanship and we respect those companies and we will not lower our prices to meet substandard material uasage and improper installation procedures..

Another Compliment

Can my windshield be replaced with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass?
Depending on your insurance providers terms, OEM glass is normally only replaced with current or 2 years back.   If you prefer OEM glass and your insurance will not provide replacement then you would be responsible for the difference in cost.  

What is the difference between OEM and Replacement Glass?
OEM glass carries the vehicle manufacturers logo whereas the replacement glass does not. There are 2 manufacturers for automotive glass that are recognized by the automotive industry that produce all of the  windshields for those vehicles, so the only difference is the appearance of the manufacturers logo, or lack of the logo, same glass, same exacting specifications, same safety requirements.

My rubber trim on the windshield is bad will this be replaced when my windshield is replaced?
Zonecat replaces all perimeter molding on our windshield replacements at no extra cost.

Do you come to us for replacement?
No..No..NO!!! Read our Windshield Facts page to find out why.

Does your company fix "chips" or "cracks" in windshields?
AGAIN NO..Read our Windshield Facts page to find out why.

Will insurance pay for my replacement if I have only liability insurance?
No, only FULL or COMPREHENSIVE insurance will cover a "no expense" replacement.

Are your installers certified?
Yes, we also attend safety seminars to be aware of all of the latest issues regarding auto glass replacement.

What does a windshield cost, I heard it was free if you had insurance and your company told me it would cost me to have it replaced?
Most likely you only had liability insurance and that is not covered for no cost replacement, if you had FULL or COMPREHENSIVE coverage then it would have been "no cost".

I had my windshield replaced at a different shop and it leaks can you fix it?
My first attempt would be take it back to the original shop where you had the install, they have the responsibility to correct it. If after that time they do not, THEN take it to ANOTHER shop of your choice and totally explain the problem you are having, of course there will be costs involved and that would be explained to you.

I live out of State and go to school in Lexington, my windshield is cracked, I have insurance can I get it replaced free?
If your insurance is written in the State of KY and is a FULL or COMPREHENSIVE policy, then the answer would be yes. If it is written out of State then a deductible may apply to your replacement, some States waive the deductible on windshield replacement, check with your agent to see if this would apply to your replacement.

Do you only replace windshields?
No, we also replace door glass, vent glass, back glass, quarter glass, window regulators, moldings, side mirror glass and window tint.

I called your shop to have you come to my home and replace my windshield and you would not come out to me, WHY? Another company did but now I have a problem and they won't come back to fix it.
If indeed you did call our shop it would have been explained to you why we do not (see Windshield Facts), but then again some people disregard important info that is given to them.  Also want to wish you good luck on getting your problem resolved.

I missed a scheduled appointment at your shop by only an hour and you would not get me in and said I would need to reschedule, that's BS.
 I remember this one, it was well over two hours, (our office, and customers also learned, from you, a few new words that day) but of course that was our fault that you were late...NOT!! Courtesy would dictate that a call could have been placed to our shop letting us know that you would not be coming in at the appointed time and we could have gotten you in at a later time THAT DAY. Our time is allocated for each job and that time is also allocated for unforseen problems on those jobs, if we would take everyone in when they are late then the customers who made their scheduled appointment would get shuffled back an hour or more, WOULD THIS BE FAIR?? Simple solution to have corrected this problem would have been: 1. Allocate YOUR time to meet a scheduled appointment. 2. If you can't make it in by the scheduled time CALL TO LET US KNOW.  3. Reschedule the job for a time when you WILL make it.

Other shops come out to do the work why don't you   (See Windshield Facts )
I believe this has been addressed in a couple of the customer posts, but we will try again...Our number one priority is YOUR SAFETY, jobs done "on site" are performed by installers that are employees of, or contracted by glass companies, the goals of these installers are to do as many installs as possible in one day, this is what makes them money, the more they do, the more they make. Are they concerned with your vehicle or your safety?? My guess is NO, if they do not have  the correct clip (because they broke it), they will do an incorrective fix to get it by, if they do not have new molding they will attempt to glue the old one in... when they are in a hurry to get to the next job, your vehicle is not a big concern to them (we call these people "the lick'em and stick'em" crews)

I called my claim in and told them that we wanted your shop to do the work they said you were not on their list and were not an accepted shop, they sent someone out to me, WHY??
This is an ongoing battle with insurance companies call centers that are
owned  by a certain glass company, it not only affects our shop but many others. They will (can you believe this) actually lie to you to steal the job for their own gain, the legal term is "steering". To put things in perspective let us try to explain using a fictious company as an example.....Company "A" owns a glass company which also manufacturers automotive glass , Company "A" also has many glass replacement service centers across the USA, Company "A" also runs a call center for many insurance companies, when an insured calls a glass claim in, this call center takes the call (now remember this call center is controlled by the glass company), NOW they have you on the hook and their number one priority is SELLING THEIR GLASS AND DIRECTING YOU TO ONE OF THEIR  REPLACEMENT CENTERS (remember they own a glass company), if they get you to believe what they are telling you then they have now accomplished their goal threefold, THEY HAVE SOLD THEIR  GLASS and CAN NOW BILL THE INSURANCE COMPANY AT THEIR RATES (which are higher than independant shops), PLUS THEY BILL THE INSURANCE COMPANIES FOR THEIR  ADMIN SERVICES. Sort of letting the wolf watch the sheep. Maybe we can coin a new term here " Glass Jacking" except without a weapon.

Not all call centers are like this, since they DO NOT own a glass company so they will honor your request for the shop of YOUR choice. ALL GLASS SHOPS  are in the INSURANCE CARRIERS DATABASES and are also in EVERY  call centers databases...For more info see our windshield facts page.

I can not afford to purchase a new windshield for my camry and can get one at a salvage yard, can you replace it and guarantee it.?
We can replace it with whatever you decide on, however we can not guarantee it ( nor should any reputable shop) against any chips, wiper marks, scratches, removal fractures, or LEAKAGE, WHY??.. Number one, the windshield has been used, it is now contaminated and may not bond correctly, Number two, you will NOT get the molding with it, or if you do it will be stretched, or torn, and will NOT be usable, NOW whatever shop you take it to will still charge labor and materials plus the molding. My suggestion would be, get the total installation cost to have the windshield replaced, including the molding and figure what the grand total is with your purchase of a salvage yard windshield and weigh out the costs compared to new. Hope this helps. .

How can you sell and install your windshields for a lot less than others I have called? Do you use used glass?
Let us answer the second part of your question first, NO we do not use "used" glass, all of our glass is new. We install quite a few windshields, and other automotive glass during our normal business operations, and as our volume is higher so is our buying power, We do not try to gouge the customer, we offer a fair and substantial savings on your replacement.

Not a question but a thank you, for helping my daughter get her windshield replaced. An excellent job, your company was very professional and provided outstanding communication with me. Since we live out of State, our need to rely on a business in the area where she attends college is a major concern. Also your website and the dealer’s recommendation were the deciding factors for my initial contact, very informative and concise. Again, Thank You.
Thank you for your comment, we appreciate the opportunity to have been able to provide our services for you.

I wish I had listened to what was said in your website pages, I had called your shop for a quote and since I had insurance I was told by your secretary to call my claim in to the 800 number to get it started and to let them know we wanted your shop to do the replacement. I did, and they did exactly what your web said they would, they sent (company deleted) to replace my windshield and after the rain we had it leaked and water was every where, we called them back and they said they would send them back which has never happened, we have had more rain and more leaks, what can I do.
..Call the insurance company, NOT THE 800 NUMBER on your card, explain the situation, the calls for correction, and the leakage, tell your insurance company that you do NOT want them (the company that came to you) to do the work and that you are requesting that another shop (YOUR CHOICE) corrects the problem, set up an appointment with the shop you have selected (ask if they are affiliated with the company that was initially sent to you, if so, use your own discretion on letting them make corrections, REMEMBER...They are the ones that caused the problem).

Hindsight is always better such as in this case. We try very hard to let people know how this "certain company" operates, but as in this case, and others posted on our FAQ's, people seem to disregard this information and opt for the "easy way out" and allow this "certain company" to control and deny an insureds request for a shop of their choice.

This "certain company" is SELF SERVING, meaning that the call center that you called IS OWNED by this "certain company" and that "certain company" is only interested in getting the job by "hook or crook" and will use every ploy to steal the job from ANY shop not within their corporation, This affects not only our shop, but EVERY SHOP not in their corporate control.

How do YOU help stop this unethical practice?  1. By not allowing this "certain company" to control your choice of shops. If you have a shop of choice that you want to do the work, STICK TO YOUR DECISION, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REQUEST ANY SHOP YOU WANT AND THEY CAN NOT DENY YOUR REQUEST.  2. Decline ANY mobile service offered unless you enjoy problems.  3. Report your problems to your agent, ask for documentation of your complaint, decline further work by this "certain company", select another shop to do the correction required, the shop you select will make sure that you will have no expense out of pocket for the previous insured replacement.

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